The CDC has suggested that contact tracing is a key strategy for preventing the spread of COVID-19, and telematics can help. With GPS capabilities in your vehicles, including fleet management technology, asset trackers and ELDs, you know where your drivers are, where they’ve been and who they’ve been in contact with. This information is crucial to preventing further spread of the infection.

If in the unfortunate circumstance one of your drivers comes in contact with a person who has a suspected COVID-19 infection, EROAD can assist with contact tracing efforts.

With EROAD’s Contact Tracing Service we provide a cross referenced list of vehicles in your fleet that came in contact with the infected driver. This allows you to take early precautions to warn other drivers and customers and reduce infections.


How it works:
  • You have an employee with a suspected COVID-19 infection.
  • Contact EROAD with your employee’s details, the vehicle(s) which they were in charge of and the time period to be traced.
  • We will run a report – which details every stop longer than 5 minutes that the vehicle made during a target time period.
  • For each stop we provide Latitude/Longitude location, a geocoded address, the geofence name if within a geofence, and the stop duration.
  • For each stop we cross reference other vehicles in your organization which were stopped in the same location, in order to provide a list of vehicles (and therefore other employees) who may have been in contact.
  • If you are an EROAD customer and would like to use this service, please send your request to In the subject line please write “Contact Tracing Report.” In the body, include carrier name and truck number.


Having access to this type of reporting can help demonstrate to authorities and customers your commitment to safety. Knowing the location of your vehicles in real time, and also retrospectively, provides peace of mind and helps to keep drivers safe and businesses profitable.

Your vehicles produce a huge amount of valuable data every day. EROAD’s fleet management technology captures that data and combines it together to provide powerful insights about your fleet that help you make better, more informed, data-based fleet management decisions.


Want to know more about how EROAD is helping keep fleets safe and operational? Contact us today!


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EROADs Contact Tracing Service

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