EROAD’s Smart Short Haul offers a simple and smart way for fleets to stay in compliance

No more worrying about short haul drivers going over hours or running out of miles. An enhancement to the current method of handling short haul, EROAD’s Smart Short Haul does the heavy lifting by automatically changing rulesets when drivers breach either the total hours limit or the air-mile limit of the short haul exemption. This is especially valuable for fleets that have drivers that may exceed short haul exemption limits periodically, putting drivers at risk at roadside inspections for not maintaining logs when needed and causing problems at audits.


Smart Short Haul removes the guesswork for drivers and helps fleets maintain compliance:

  • Visual and audible alerts enable drivers to easily stay within parameters for the exemption, and if exceeded, helps produce the RODS for the day.
  • Built-in prompts remind drivers to take breaks when appropriate.
  • Electronic management of logs streamlines your process for timecards and logs for all drivers to reduce back office work and human errors.
  • Accurate compliance counters help drivers make better decisions.
  • Short Haul Export provides you with details of which criteria was exceeded by each driver to better understand compliance trends.




Maximize productivity and peace of mind with EROAD’s Smart Short Haul feature. Learn more

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Introducing EROADs Smart Short Haul

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