EROAD Clarity Solo provides cloud video, GPS tracking and telematics combined in a single device.


We’re excited to introduce EROAD Clarity Solo, an all-in-one device that provides HD video, GPS tracking and telematics data to help you better manage light trucks and vans, construction equipment, and HOS-exempt heavy trucks. EROAD Clarity Solo gives fleet managers the visibility they need to boost safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness across their operations.

Here’s an overview of what EROAD Clarity Solo can do for you.


Benefits of GPS Tracking

EROAD Clarity Solo’s GPS tracking lets you know where your vehicles are at any given moment. This level of visibility allows you to make better dispatch decisions based on vehicle location, provide more accurate ETAs to customers and ensure that your drivers are sticking to their routes, helping to curb unauthorized use of vehicles. And you can use historical GPS data to identify trouble spots and traffic patterns to optimize your routes and boost driver efficiency.


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Benefits of Telematics

Telematics data generated by EROAD Clarity Solo tell you how your employees drive company vehicles. Automatic alerts will help you stay on top of safety-critical events, such as speeding, hard breaking and harsh cornering. Use these insights for effective driver coaching. Eliminating dangerous driving also helps prevent vehicle wear and tear and improves fuel efficiency.


Benefits of Dash Cam Video

Dash cam video from EROAD Clarity Solo eliminates the uncertainty around who caused an accident, often exonerating your drivers. And if the footage shows your driver to be at fault, you can use that information to more quickly settle the issue, most likely reducing the cost of the claim.

“The more quickly we can get a liability determination in the life of that claim, the less likely it will turn into a much larger dollar claim, says Dan Petrillo of LaPorte Insurance, an EROAD strategic partner.

Also, video footage coupled with telematics data makes for more impactful driver coaching, allowing you to show a driver exactly what the issue is and how to correct it.


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Key Benefits of EROAD Clarity Solo

  • All-in-one device: No additional technology or hardware is required. The in-cab camera unit provides video and telematics.
  • Easy driver log on: Drivers log on to the camera via NFC card, sticker or fob, making it easy to get the benefits of monitoring driver behavior.
  • Driving events: Video events are generated, and footage is uploaded to the cloud based on driver behavior, such as hard braking and harsh cornering.
  • Map-based video retrieval: Simply click on a driver’s route in the MyEROAD portal to retrieve video.
  • HD video and night vision: HD quality recording, including road- and driver-facing night vision supported by infrared LEDs.
  • Integrated location reporting: 250m/10s location reporting is incorporated and available in the MyEROAD portal.
  • Manual trigger: Drivers can push the manual trigger to initiate an event, automatically uploading the footage to the MyEROAD portal.
  • Cloud-based: Driving events, manually triggered events and GPS data are transmitted and stored in the cloud and available through the MyEROAD portal.


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Introducing EROAD Clarity Solo

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