Mobile driver workflow extends the capabilities of your TMS to your drivers. Drivers can see where they are supposed to go and what they are supposed to do with the touch of a button. This two-way street of information helps you make better decisions, boost productivity and efficiency and more importantly helps improve customer service and satisfaction. 


Here are three ways your driver workflow app can improve customer service:


1. Accurate ETAs 

Better customer service begins with better ETAs. Using a mobile workflow app, drivers automatically update you in real-time about position, delivery status and arrival and departures times—keeping you and your customers informed and satisfied.


2. Improved communication

Not only does a driver workflow app help you communicate better with drivers, it helps you understand what’s going on out in the field so you can keep your customers informed. When everyone knows what’s happening, the pickup and delivery process goes smoother. Proof of delivery, whether a note or image to confirm drop off, can help ease customer confusion and promote trust. A proper driver workflow application will allow your dispatch team to send load information to your drivers, provide step-by-step instructions on how to deliver and allow for instant proof of delivery.


3. Streamlined paperwork

Customers in today’s world are looking for top-level service and expect both speed and flexibility. Going paperless allows drivers to digitally access manifests and shipping docs from anywhere, making it easy to move the administrative process forward quickly. With a mobile driver workflow app drivers are armed with the information they need to get the job done. From ordered stops with destination details to truck-friendly navigation—a driver workflow app helps drivers work quicker and more efficiently. EROAD Go allows drivers to capture proof of delivery—forms, signatures, images—and submit when they complete a delivery for faster settlements and happier customers. 


When looking to book new clients, your mobile driver workflow could be a differentiator from your competition. Extend the power of your TMS and improve customer satisfaction with EROAD Go. Learn more about EROAD’s mobile driver workflow, EROAD Go.

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3 Ways your driver workflow app can improve customer service

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