Keeping your drivers safe and on the road is a top priority for fleet managers. Utilizing a mobile driver workflow application can improve both driver safety and professionalism, resulting in happier drivers and better productivity. 


Here are five ways to improve driver safety with mobile workflow:

  • Less distraction – A mobile workflow application gives drivers step by step information to complete their shipments, available at their fingertips. Sifting through mountains of paperwork in the cab and having to make calls to ask questions about delivery sites is a thing of the past. With a driver workflow application, drivers have all the information they need to get their deliveries done safely and professionally. 
  • Reduced paperwork – More time driving, less time on paperwork. A proper mobile workflow application helps drivers send through the information you need to process paperwork in your back office quickly and accurately. No more typos or inaccurate document numbers. EROAD’s accurate and reliable driver workflow application, EROAD Go reduces driver error and eliminates the need for manual data entry in the office. 
  • Expert navigation – With turn by turn navigation, drivers will know exactly where to go. Truck-friendly routing integrated with your driver workflow mobile app can provide an easy to follow and optimized route overview. EROAD Go+ Nav offers both lane assist and audible guidance on upcoming turns so drivers can stay safely focused on the road and traffic conditions around them. 
  • Better communication – Keep drivers in the know with a mobile driver workflow. Whether a delivery changes or a location is updated, dispatch information is automatically delivered to your drivers’ tablet as soon as you update or assign a dispatch.
  • Accurate hours of service – With an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, you need to know that you’re dispatching drivers that have remaining hours-of-service. Accurate and reliable HOS data from your ELD solutionintegrated with your TMS can help dispatchers better manage driver availability, plan routes and improve visibility into ETA of in-progress dispatches.


Why EROAD is the best choice for maximizing driver safety, productivity and satisfaction 

When you have EROAD in your trucks, it means your drivers can focus on their jobs, instead of trying to figure out complicated technology. From end-to-end, our solutions make it easy for them to stay in compliance and operate at their professional best. Our devices work reliably, our interfaces are easy to use, and our knowledgeable and responsive support teams will keep your crew—and your business—rolling.  Learn more about EROAD’s end-to-end solution. Contact us today. 

Building driver safety & professionalism

by | Oct 6, 2020 |

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