There’s no room for error when you’re running a trucking company. Getting deliveries from here to there has many moving pieces and getting them right is important to not only the job, but your reputation.

Getting that next gig depends on referrals from current clients and good reviews from new ones. Luckily, if you have a technology solution that is accurate and reliable you can improve both efficiency and customer service.

Here are three ways fleet technology can improve your customer service:


1. Accurate delivery estimates

With accurate GPS tracking and reliable fleet technology, you can pinpoint where a driver is at any given moment. This type of information helps to minimize those all-too-familiar instances of having a disgruntled customer call up to complain, wondering where their delivery is. With EROAD’s ETA feature, fleet managers can easily view estimated time of arrival and journey duration. EROAD’s advanced mapping tool calculates journeys based upon vehicle type (heavy or light), utilizing truck-specific map overlays, and uses live traffic to identify the best route for your driver. Next time that customer calls in to ask the delivery whereabouts, you’ll have an answer at your fingertips, without hesitation.


2. Provide real-time notifications

Accurate delivery estimates are helpful, but real-time notifications take customer service to the next level. Geofences allow you to alert customers with email notifications each time your vehicle enters or exits the delivery site. You can even set the geofence out a short distance from the customer site. Instant notifications will pre-notify customers of your driver’s arrival so they can prepare for intake. This real-time visibility not only helps you manage customer expectations, it ensures each job is completed in line with company standards and service levels.


3. Easy and efficient dispatch

Total visibility of your vehicles has many benefits. It means that you’ll always be able to select the closest and most convenient vehicle for the job at hand, which in turn translates to a better, faster service time and happier customers. Easy to read and accurate information about driver’s hours-of-service helps you make smarter decisions about dispatch. With EROAD’s fleet tech solution, not only can you see where vehicles are at any given moment, but you can also see which drivers are running close to violation, so you make sure to dispatch the drivers that will keep your fleet compliant.


In a world of increased demand for shipping services, utilizing a fleet technology solution is an ideal way to achieve a best-in-class customer experience. EROAD understands that retaining your hard-earned customers and attracting new ones are essential to your future success and we’re here to help.

Learn more about how EROAD’s fleet management solution can help your fleet improve customer satisfaction. Contact us today.

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3 Ways to Improve Customer Service with Fleet Technology

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