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FV Martin Trucking truck parked alongside road with snowy mountain behind TESTIMONIAL

Automatic data capture has been a huge time saver

Time is money here. One of the biggest reasons we chose EROAD was to keep track of our miles per state. Before EROAD we did a ton of manual work in relying on the drivers to record their miles. Now, with EROAD’s electronic tax management solution, it has taken away all the guessing. The idling […]

Cascade Petroleum Transportation driver and truck TESTIMONIAL

Being able to tell customers where our trucks are is phenomenal

I’ve always been reluctant to go the electronic route but the more we looked into it, the more it made sense. I can see more value down the road in simplifying weight mile tax (WMT) and international fuel tax association (IFTA) recordkeeping and reporting. Once we get the electronic logs up and running and all […]

Redmond Heavy Hauling driver in cab of truck TESTIMONIAL

Can’t imagine accomplishing our day to day duties without EROAD

I could not imagine trying to accomplish our day to day duties without EROAD. We now have the ability to give real-time updates to our clients, our maintenance needs are tracked, and weight-mile taxes are done at the push of a button. Who’s driving too fast? Who’s idling their truck too long? All these questions […]

HTrans driver and truck TESTIMONIAL

EROAD helped us improve service to our own customers

We distribute wholesale restaurant and bar supplies nationwide. We’ve been using the EROAD system for two years. It’s a customer-friendly, wonderful service tool – once we had it in place we knew how essential it was. It’s helped us improve service to our own customers. The accurate vehicle location data means we can tell them […]

White's Hauling and Farm trucks TESTIMONIAL

EROAD helped us streamline the way we monitor fleet activity

EROAD has helped us streamline the way we monitor fleet activity. We used to spend far too much time sorting through piles of paper, trying to decipher handwriting, and tracking down drivers to get hold of information. Now we know exactly where our trucks are at any given time and we get accurate reports of […]

Crestline Construction truck with oversize load sign TESTIMONIAL

EROAD saved us more time and money than I can calculate

I used to spend countless hours trying to manually create the IFTA and Weight Mileage Reports from manually kept logs that were faded, hard to read, and incomplete. In the end, the reports were really just guesstimates of what I could decipher from these manually kept mileage logs. Under audit, the manual records were questioned, […]

Iwasaki Bros. Truck TESTIMONIAL

EROAD’s devices have been an incredible savings of time and money all around

Omega Morgan female driver on truck step TESTIMONIAL

Having EROAD makes my day to day easy

I used to spend a lot of my time chasing miles at the end of every month. Since I’ve discovered EROAD it has been a really great way for me to keep track of miles. We have 75 drivers using EROAD so you can imagine how much time I’ve saved. EROAD helps me achieve goals […]

Airport Drayage driver getting into company truck TESTIMONIAL

How EROAD helped Airport Drayage build a proactive safety culture

Freres Lumber driver and truck TESTIMONIAL

I live and die in the fuel transaction management

EROAD’s accurate system tracks our trucks and allows us to efficiently file our monthly and quarterly taxes. My favorite feature would be the fuel transaction management. I live and die in there. When guys miss putting in their gallons, the EROAD system easily helps me catch that. The customer service has been really good too. […]

Valley Feed & Supply truck and crew TESTIMONIAL

I simply click the button and fleet reports for IFTA & IRP are done

EROAD has been amazing for our business.I used to spend hours each month calculating and tracking various combinations and miles for seven trucks in two states and one province. Now I simply click the button and fleet reports for IFTA and IRP are done and printed. With the EROAD solution we can also track exempt […]

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My experience with EROAD has been very positive on my end

Veneer Chip Transport truck TESTIMONIAL

Provides accurate tracking and eliminates roadside downtime

We demoed three different GPS tracking systems and EROAD’s was the most spot on we’d ever seen. We’ve installed it in all of our 76 trucks. Accurate tracking allows us to satisfy our customers’ expectations. We can now be sure that we’ll be there when we say we will be, rather than just guessing. We […]

RS Davis Recycling driver and truck TESTIMONIAL

Saves us money we never could before

Thank you for allowing me to not dread the mileage reports so much. We never kept track of off-road miles before because the paperwork was just too much. With your geofences, it saves us money we never could before. I think I am your biggest fan.

Stutzman Farms trucks in front of dirt mound TESTIMONIAL

Saving us time, money and headache at every angle

From the maintenance end of things I now have the capability to pull service records, check mileage till next service, add completed repairs and see where all the trucks are with the click of a mouse! The versatility of the system is incredible. With EROAD we are no longer paying for full weight when we […]

Phase II Transportation truck on snowy road TESTIMONIAL

Successfully managing tasks and putting money back to the bottom line

Quarterly WMT/IFTA reports are a click away using the automated reporting feature. No more paying staff to manually enter this information or relying on drivers for correct mileage records. Having EROAD in my business is like a trusted friend. It provides peace of mind that we are in line with the federal standards set for […]

Jubitz Corporation driver and truck TESTIMONIAL

We get more accurate reporting and saved time in the back office

Before EROAD, we relied on driver logs to manually track our fleet activity for Oregon Weight Mile Tax reporting. With EROAD, we not only get more accurate reporting, but it has saved us a lot of time in the back office. An unanticipated benefit of EROAD is the Service module, which has allowed us to […]

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We wanted products we could count on and trust. With EROAD, we found that.