We demoed three different GPS tracking systems and EROAD’s was the most spot on we’d ever seen. We’ve installed it in all of our 76 trucks.

Accurate tracking allows us to satisfy our customers’ expectations. We can now be sure that we’ll be there when we say we will be, rather than just guessing.

We never used to service trailers unless something was broken because scheduling was too hard. Using EROAD’s Service module means equipment goes into the shop to fix the small things in a timely fashion so the big things don’t happen. In the past there was a disconnect between dispatch and the shop; now they all see the same information. We know our trucks and trailers are properly serviced now, our roadside downtime has been eliminated, and we’re the safest company we can be.

Jon Lucich
Vice President
Veneer Chip Transport, Inc.

Veneer Chip Transport, Inc.

Company: Veneer Chip Transport, Inc.
Industry: Refuse, wood residuals, grinding
Location: Seattle, Washington


Provides accurate tracking and eliminates roadside downtime

Is self-certification enough?

EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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