EROAD’s accurate system tracks our trucks and allows us to efficiently file our monthly and quarterly taxes. My favorite feature would be the fuel transaction management. I live and die in there. When guys miss putting in their gallons, the EROAD system easily helps me catch that.

The customer service has been really good too. Our account manager Heather always gets back to us quickly. She is great about being sure to update me when they are fixing issues. Overall the customer management and transparency is great.

We have seen an immense amount of savings with the EROAD system. We used to have to enter vehicle trip records in manually every day for every truck. Transcribing what the drivers wrote down was difficult and extremely time consuming. Once we implemented the EROAD system we were able to save a ton of time and money.

Mike Davidson
Accounting Manager
Freres Lumber Co. Inc.

Freres Lumber Co. Inc.

Company: Freres Lumber Co. Inc.
Industry: Forestry and logging
Location: Lyons, Oregon

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I live and die in the fuel transaction management

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