Case Study

Freres Lumber uses EROAD to handle ELD requirement while simplifying tax reporting and reducing paperwork for drivers.


Tracking off-road mileage and streamlining tax reporting

Freres Lumber needs to accurately track off-road mileage that is exempt from fuel taxes.

Their trucks operate in varying configurations to match gross combination weight laws in different states, and the ability to assign a configuration for each load is required to accurately report taxable mileage.

Providing better customer service

Tracking the location of vehicles and loads and determining up to date delivery times is a key component of customer satisfaction.


Freres Lumber was replacing a system that could not provide real-time vehicle location or allow for off-road exemption or vehicle configuration settings. After a thorough evaluation of several products and an ROI analysis, the company determined that EROAD offered all the features and capabilities it needed, including:

  • Electronic IFTA, IRP and Oregon weight mile tax management
  • Fleet activity tracking and geofencing
  • ELD for driver Hours-of-Service management and compliance
  • Two-way driver messaging


Easy, more accurate fuel tax management and time savings

With highly accurate location tracking and the ability to easily account for exempt off-road mileage, Freres Lumber is saving a considerable amount of time previously spent manually sorting and entering data on its operations.

Enabling drivers to enter configurations based on the number of trailers in use to meet weight limits in different states, the system automatically ensures compliance and updates tax reports.

Saving time for drivers

Offering extreme ease of use and consistent connectivity and performance, the EROAD ELD has cut the time drivers spend completing HOS logs and paper vehicle trip reports that were needed to account for on- and off-road mileage.

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Using EROAD to locate roads and determine accurate delivery times, and communicate with drivers without relying on radios or cell phones, Freres Lumber is delivering better service and seeing higher customer satisfaction.

“EROAD is a lot more robust and doesn’t have the technical issues that we see with other products. It’s much easier to use.”

“EROAD automates fuel and weight-mile tax filing. The time savings on tax processes alone delivers an easy ROI. The EROAD ELD is also saving time for our drivers.”

Mike Weigel
Assistant Dispatcher 
Freres Lumber Co.

About Freres Lumber Co.

Based in Lyons, Oregon, Freres Lumber Co. is a manufacturer of high quality wood products. Founded in 1922, the company operates over thirty highway trucks and 15 log trucks in various locations throughout the Northwest.

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