I’ve always been reluctant to go the electronic route but the more we looked into it, the more it made sense. I can see more value down the road in simplifying weight mile tax (WMT) and international fuel tax association (IFTA) recordkeeping and reporting. Once we get the electronic logs up and running and all the guys are on it, I would like to dive into taking some of the data that the EROAD units provide and incorporating it into our systems.

I love the mobile site – being able to see on a single screen where all our drivers are and tell customers where our trucks are is phenomenal.

It took more than a year for us to decide to go with EROAD and we have no buyer’s remorse. We’re growing together. We deal with a lot of different people at EROAD and they’re always responsive. We also talk to other EROAD customers and they’re really satisfied too.

Roger Alley
Safety Manager
Blue Line Transportation/Cascade Petroleum

Blue Line Transportation/Cascade Petroleum

Company: Blue Line Transportation/Cascade Petroleum
Industry: Transport and Logistics
Location: Portland, Oregon


Being able to tell customers where our trucks are is phenomenal

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EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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