It’s great being able to just push a button to report WMT. We’re also able to accurately track and record exempt mileage rather than having to guess our off-road miles, so we’re paying 18% less tax than we used to and using EROAD Configuration Management to make correcting configuration errors much simpler.

EROAD GPS tracking helps dispatch track our trucks and get our drivers to jobs more efficiently. If a driver gets lost, dispatch gets them right back on track in real time.

It’s the same with tracking our tug boat. We know where it is at all times, even when there’s fog, and we can see when it’s crossed county lines, which means more accurate tax reporting.

Having access to real-time information on digital maps means we don’t have to rely on sonar to communicate about potential river hazards, and we’re much better prepared than when we were limited to topography maps for river information.

Our drivers were hesitant at first, but once they saw the mapping option on the Ehubo, they were totally on board.

Doug Gilmer
General Manager
Wilsonville Concrete

Wilsonville Concrete

Company: Wilsonville Concrete
Industry: Landscaping/Roading Supplies
Location: Wilsonville, Oregon


We’re paying 18% less tax than we used to

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EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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