Case Study

Small Truck Company uses EROAD to save $35,000 annually in fuel taxes and gain efficiency and productivity improvements


Lower fuel tax costs by accurately tracking off-road mileage

With a large part of its operation involved in hauling agricultural products from farms in several states, Small Truck Company needs to record off-road mileage for fuel tax reporting purposes. With drivers, unable to provide accurate information on the 300 miles per day driven on farms during harvest season, the company was paying approximately 35% more in fuel taxes than it owed.

Provide load status information and improve productivity

Small Truck Company was having a hard time providing load status and precise arrival times to answer customer questions and communicate proactively. It lacked data to plan efficient routes and load assignments.

Improve billing accuracy and driver settlement processes

Lacking accurate data about its trucks on the road, Small Truck Company wasn’t sure if it was pricing routes competitively or profitably and was unable to ensure payroll accurately reflected driver’s activities.



Small Truck Company has been using EROAD for the past four years. The company chose the EROAD TotalFleet solution after evaluating several other systems on the market. EROAD provides fleet management, safety, compliance and tax solutions. Safety and compliance features of EROAD include integrated DVIR and driver scorecard reports. The tax functions provide recordkeeping and advanced reporting for IFTA, IRP, Oregon WMT, ODOT and Oregon RUAF filing.

“EROAD is so much less complex than other solutions we evaluated. It’s really self-explanatory so it doesn’t take long for our office staff or drivers to understand and use. Nothing else comes as close as EROAD to doing what we need done.”

AJ Almaguer
Small Truck Company

Small Truck Company

Small Truck Company, based in Boardman, Oregon provides hauling services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. The company’s 25 trucks deliver farm commodities and equipment using a variety of bulk, hopper bottom, lowboy, step deck and flatbed trailers.