Recently, EROAD ’s Director of Regulatory Compliance, Soona Lee, and I attended the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) COHMED Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Gathered here were the best of the hazardous materials enforcement and regulatory community, along with numerous hazmat carriers that wanted to learn all they could about hazardous materials compliance, regulations and enforcement.

So why did EROAD attend?

COHMED (Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement Development) not only provides an amazing opportunity for us to meet and build lasting and valuable relationships with top industry professionals, it also creates a tremendous opportunity for us as a technology provider to give back to the community by offering our unique perspective to grow and advance the knowledge base for the industry.

How we were able to connect and offer our services

A first for both EROAD and CVSA, EROAD presented a Hands-on ELD Training Lunch and Learn session that ran participants through a day in the life of a driver using an ELD; reviewed hazmat features (5th line, Off-duty Wait-time, 24-hr reset) found on an ELD; and covered the roadside inspection process with methods of transfer, including images of what an eRODS transfer file looks like from both carrier and enforcement perspectives. The training session was packed. There was a large interest in this type of training and it provided the perfect opportunity to exchange information and receive valuable feedback about what officers see out on the road. Which in turn, helps us better understand how to build better products and train our customers on preparing for interactions with officers and the enforcement community. It also gave attendees a chance to ask questions and dialogue with colleagues about the challenges the industry faces with the use of ELDs and what solutions are available to help.

Why we do it

At EROAD, we value the opportunity to network and engage with folks from every aspect of the transportation business – carriers, drivers, auditors, safety managers, safety officials, mechanics, etc. It’s not good enough to just know how our technology affects those we service; we must also understand how our technology may be used beyond our customers. This ensures seamless use whether driving, in the back office or during roadside inspections. We strive to not only improve the safety on our roads, but also to make certain that carriers and drivers operate in an efficient and profitable manner through the most advanced and innovative solutions available. Not only are we willing to do this, we are able to do it. Gladly.

Susan Reszczynski

Safety & Compliance Manager
Susan is responsible for the development and execution of EROAD's robust training program in the U.S. With over 10 years’ experience in the regulatory environment, Susan brings knowledge from both carrier and driver perspectives. Susan’s main objective is bridging the gap between customers, product developers, enforcement and regulators to ensure compliance and safety is achieved quickly, easily and with lasting results.

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