If you’re an ELD user experiencing spotty connectivity and poor customer support you are probably in the heart of the ELD Crisis. Since the compliance date of December 18th, 2017, we’ve seen promises from technology providers fall through, Bluetooth connections causing more problems than an AP math book, and customer support going on what feels like a perpetual vacation. This has left many in the industry extremely frustrated.

During what is known as Phase 2 of the ELD mandate, you need to have either adopted a compliant ELD or, under the mandate’s grandfathering provision, be using an existing AOBRD. How can you be sure that the ELD you selected is compliant and is going to work when you need it to?

The ELD mandate has meant a learning curve for not only carriers and drivers, but also enforcement, so the FMCSA allowed an adjustment period until the end of March to accommodate the transition. During this period, enforcement has been giving carriers citations for not having a compliant ELD or AOBRD, but not putting them out of service. However the FMCSA has also had to grant waivers to thousands of customers of some ELD providers whose solutions weren’t ready to be compliant and putting that high number vehicles out of service would cause a major problem to the supply chain. A crisis, actually.

If you’re using an AOBRD, how do you know if you are grandfathered in? How can you ensure you’re safe in the event of a roadside inspection? What do you do when you buy a new vehicle? These questions are keeping many carriers up at night. With the April 1st enforcement deadline fast approaching, many are starting to question their technology provider decision.

You are operating in a time of uncertainty. But it doesn’t have to be uncertain if you ask your ELD provider these simple questions:

Is your ELD third-party verified?

While ELD providers can self-certify their devices the number of issues, waivers and extensions clearly demonstrates that self-certification doesn’t work.

Was your ELD built from the ground up?

Trying to take old technology and turn it into something new just doesn’t work. Period.

Do they have a dedicated team of experts?

Does your provider understand that being compliant is your key priority? If so do they have at least one employee dedicated to ensuring their product is always compliant? Can they keep up with the constantly changing rules and regulations? Do they even really understand the trucking industry?

Ask these questions and you may be able to avoid being tangled in the #ELDCrisis2018. In the meantime, if you have an ELD crisis story of your own, we’d love to hear about it!

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