Are you effectively managing the costs associated with your light vehicle fleet? Do you have insight into the balance between work-related and personal usage? Effectively overseeing a fleet can consume considerable time and resources. However, leveraging technology solutions can streamline operations, saving both time and money while providing the actionable insights you need to transform your operations. 

For fleet managers, understanding fleet performance and optimizing efficiency are paramount. Here are eight ways your business could benefit from implementing a telematics solution for your light vehicles. 

Efficient Fuel Management | Fuel is a significant ongoing expense for fleets. Optimizing fuel usage can lead to substantial savings. Factors such as speed, idling, maintenance, and routing impact fuel efficiency. Integrating fuel card data into EROAD’s management tool enables tracking of expenses and facilitates informed decisions to minimize costs. 

Real-time Vehicle Tracking | GPS tracking device allows you to monitor vehicle locations in near real-time. This not only saves time spent locating vehicles but also provides accurate ETAs for improved customer communication. 

Streamlined Incident Investigation | Dealing with incidents, even with insurance coverage, can be time-consuming – and too often company vehicles can be the target of unwarranted litigation or out-and-out fraud. Telematics technology coupled with video offers irrefutable data on driver routes, speed and location. This data accelerates investigations and often exonerates drivers. 

Optimized Route Planning | Analyzing fleet activity data enables identification of optimal routes, minimizing travel time, fuel consumption and vehicle wear-and-tear. 

Data-driven Fleet Management | Fleet utilization reporting lets you assess vehicle usage efficiency, identify underutilized assets, optimize maintenance schedules and more. Data insights support decisions such as transitioning to electric vehicles or implementing shared pool vehicles. 

Enhanced Safety Culture | Data from a fleet management system can be used to promote driver accountability, encourage safer driving practices, improve driver coaching and facilitate recognition of good behavior. 

Maintenance Reminders | Easily track vehicle servicing and compliance requirements with a telematics solution like EROAD’s service module, ensuring vehicles are well-maintained and compliant with regulations. 

Effortless Data Sharing | Fulfill the growing demand for data and metrics from stakeholders by leveraging customizable reports and dashboards.  


All-in-One Video, Telematics and Tracking for Your Light Vehicle Fleet 

EROAD Clarity Solo all-in-one video telematics device delivers cloud video, GPS location and driver behavior data. EROAD Clarity Solo is a standalone multi-sensor camera and is a great option for light- and medium-duty vehicles, last-mile delivery fleets, construction equipment and HOS-exempt heavy trucks. 


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How Telematics Can Transform Your Light Vehicle Fleet

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