For fleets domiciled in Texas, we have now made the Texas Intrastate ruleset available for use.

Enabled for each driver in the EROAD Depot, this gives your drivers the flexibility to view and track hours on the EROAD ELD and follow the Texas intrastate guidelines.

By centering the hours of service decision around the driver, it makes it easy for managers to give appropriate options to every driver in the fleet, making it less confusing for those who don’t require certain options.

When enabled, the driver has the option on the ELD to select the ruleset for use as required.

Enabling and Using Texas Intrastate Rulesets

The ruleset must be enabled for each driver that may need to use it.

Here’s how to enable the ruleset for your drivers in Depot.

InTERstate or InTRAstate?

Not sure if your team can use the Texas intrastate ruleset?

EROAD’s in-house expert, Susan Reszczynski, covers interstate and intrastate ELD use in this short video with three quick tips on this important topic.


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Texas intrastate hours of service ruleset now available

by | Jul 22, 2019 |

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