We’ve made it easier for drivers to stay compliant with Hours of Service regulations when they’re on the road. Drivers who operate under Short Haul or require specific exemptions such as 30-minute rest break can now activate these on their EROAD ELD, helping to ensure their compliance.

Our new Short Haul capability and Exemptions/Exceptions include:

  • 100 air-mile short haul exemption – 395.1(e)(1)
  • 16-hour exception – 395.1(o)
  • Adverse driving conditions exception – 395.1(b)(1)
  • 30 minute rest break exemption – 395.3(a)(3)(ii)

These exemptions/exceptions must be enabled in the EROAD web application, Depot, for each driver who is eligible to use them.


Driver Portal enables status changes away from vehicle

Our new Driver Portal allows drivers to change their duty status when they’re away from the vehicle but on duty.

Previously, if a driver arrived at the yard to attend training or a safety meeting – or carry out other work away from the truck – they needed to hop into a truck to go “on duty”. They can now use Driver Portal’s remote login capability to change their duty status to ON or OFF on a mobile device or computer. It also means they don’t need to retrospectively edit their logs to record this and be compliant with Hours of Service rules.

Setting up drivers in the Portal is easy, using a short registration process in our web application, Depot.

Other duty status changes must still be performed on the EROAD in-vehicle device.


Scott McCollister

Senior Product Manager
Scott McCollister joined EROAD in 2016 to lead Product Management activities in the North American Market including the launch of the EROAD ELD in 2017. Prior to EROAD Scott was Product Line Manager at DAT Solutions which operates the largest spot marketplace for truckload freight in North America. Scott has also led Product Management initiatives at Citrix Systems, Yahoo! and The Walt Disney Company.

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Introducing Short Haul and Exemptions/Exceptions

Apr 24, 2018 |

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