Fleets continuing to operate during COVID-19 are facing new challenges and having to implement additional safety protocols and procedures.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep you rolling:

  • Deploy proper sanitation policies – Disinfect steering wheels, dashboard, seats, door handles and any other exposed surfaces before and after shifts. When drivers interact with clients, make sure they bring their own pen or have disposable gloves when handling items that change hands.
  • Communicate with customers – Now is the time to show your dedication to best-in-class customer service. Your fleet tracking solution can help by giving you updates each time your vehicle enters and exits important delivery sites. This real-time visibility not only helps you manage customer expectations; it ensures each job is completed in line with your own company’s standards and service levels.
  • Save money with geofences – Don’t miss out on claiming those off-road miles when you’re off public roads. Geofencing exact boundaries of customer/company sites near public roads that still qualify for off-highway refunds can be a prime way to put some money back in your wallet.
  • Document drug & alcohol testing attempts – If you can’t switch to mobile testing, or can’t find any clinics open within a 50 mile radius of operations, make sure you have solid documentation. Attach the FMCSA waiver to your driver’s file, document clinics you tried to send your drivers to and any hours posted.
  • Choose a reliable, accurate ELD – You have enough to worry about, make safety and compliance easy with a reliable, fleet management solution.


At EROAD we are here to help. With a fully staffed team of knowledgeable customer care agents and an easy-to-use, accurate fleet management solution, EROAD delivers the confidence you need to run a safe and compliant fleet. Even today our promise holds strong. And until the world returns to normal, EROAD is still here every step of the way.


Contact us today to learn more about how EROAD can serve your fleet.


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