Technology tools can help streamline holiday fleet management.


It’s been a tremendously busy year at every level of the commercial transportation industry (how’s that for an understatement?). And with the holidays fast approaching, it’s just getting busier.

Effective fleet management and asset utilization are always important in this business, but it’s during this time of year that the rubber really hits the road in that regard. And given the continuing challenges posed by the pandemic, driver shortage and supply chain issues, the ability to safely increase efficiency can have a huge impact this holiday season.

In this article we’ll explore how technology can accomplish that, with a focus on solutions for short-haul and last-mile fleets.

Before we hit the gas on the topic at hand, however, we’d like to give a shoutout to all the drivers and other transportation professionals whose tireless work keeps commerce (and the country) moving. We know that the holidays – or any day, really – wouldn’t be what they are without your efforts. We appreciate you and what you do. Thank you!

Now, here are 3 holiday fleet management tips for short-haul and last-mile operations.


Gain Visibility with GPS Tracking

Whether they are just a few blocks away or two towns over, knowing where each vehicle in your fleet is throughout the course of the day is key to increasing efficiency and uptime.

In the short-term, real-time location data supports dynamic dispatching and routing that is based on ever-changing, real-world conditions. In the long term, historical GPS data provides a holistic view, allowing you to identify consistent trouble spots and times and plan routes accordingly. Moreover, GPS tracking enables you to give accurate ETAs and updates to customers, improving customer service.


Set Up Geofences

A geofence is a virtual boundary that you draw on a map. You can assign geofences to vehicles to get alerts when they enter or exit the boundary and how long they were at a location. Geofence reporting gives an added layer of visibility into how your fleet is operating, giving you insights on how to streamline operations and ensure that your drivers are sticking to their routes and staying on task.


Keep an Eye on Safety

When it comes to successful holiday fleet management, safety goes hand in hand with efficiency. Telematics solutions provide data on driver behavior – such as speeding, hard acceleration and hard breaking – letting you quickly identify and address potential safety issues (not to mention vehicle wear and tear) with effective driver coaching.

The addition of dash cams provides context for telematics data – you’re able to retrieve and review video to see exactly what happened on the road. More importantly, dash cam footage protects both your drivers and your business in the event of an accident, fraud and other claims.


An All-in-One Solution for Short-Haul and Last-Mile Fleets

EROAD Clarity Solo provides the benefits of GPS tracking and geofences, driver behavior data and video in a single, affordable device. It’s a great option for short-haul and last-mile operations, and any other non-regulated vehicles, such as light- and medium-duty trucks, construction vehicles and mixed fleets.

Compact, rugged and dependable, Clarity Solo was designed with ease of use in mind – for both drivers and the back office. It’s packed with innovative features like easy, secure driver log on via NFC technology and the ability to retrieve video based on location in addition to time of day.


Contact us today to learn how EROAD Clarity Solo can support safer, more efficient operations during the holiday season and all year long.


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Holiday Fleet Management Tips for Short-Haul and Last-Mile Operations

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