Here at EROAD, we’re always working to improve and enhance the technology tools that you use every day to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations.  

We’re excited to share several recent product updates, including: 

  • Clarity dashcam improvements   
  • Truck-centric routing ETA tool   
  • Advanced cold chain sensors   
  • New fuel card integrations


Keep reading to learn more about these enhancements and how they can help you transform your operations. 


Driver Safety


Review 15 minutes of dashcam footage in just two minutes 








Hyperlapse camera technology allows you to view longer video recordings (5, 10, and 15 minutes) at a faster speed, making it easy for you to quickly review footage for longer events, facilitate quicker investigations, and provide video evidence for operational delays. Hyperlapse is available to Clarity Solo and Clarity Connected customers. 


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Identify high-risk driving behaviors more easily 









We’ve added several enhancements to help reduce manual work and further streamline the process to improve drivers’ safety, provide better coaching opportunities, and easily identify high-risk driving behaviors. We’ve included the ability to categorize safety events with tags for easy review, automatically log driver’s off when the ignition is turned off, and set up audible reminders to have your drivers log in.   


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Operational Transformation 


Improve journey planning with new truck-centric routing 









We’ve updated the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) feature in MyEROAD for heavy vehicles to help you more accurately plan your routes. Our new tool allows fleet managers and dispatches to filter by important restrictions such as truck weight, height, width, hazardous materials that are hauled, and common routes to avoid such as tolls, tunnels, difficult turns, and more to find the most optimal routes.    


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Boost reefer efficiency by detecting trailer door status from anywhere 






We’ve modernized our door sensing capabilities by going wireless. Our advanced wireless door sensor is faster to install, easier to maintain, and more affordable than traditional wired sensors. 


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Tax and Compliance 


Streamline fuel reporting with new fuel card integrations 








Integrating data from multiple fuel card vendors in one platform makes it even easier to file fuel tax reports and analyze fuel usage across your entire fleet. We can now integrate your fleet cards from Comdata, Fuel Cloud, and Wex into MyEROAD.   


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Partners and Integrations 


Enhance your EROAD experience with our integration and partner network 






We’re proud of our partnerships with technology and service providers in the transportation, cold chain and construction industries. These partnerships provide powerful technology integrations and access to specialized solutions to transform your fleet management ecosystem and enhance your EROAD experience.   


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EROAD Product Updates Support Increased Safety, Efficiency and More

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