Product Releases


At EROAD, we’re always working to improve and enhance the technology tools that you use every day to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations. Here’s what we’ve been working on this quarter:

  • New fuel card integrations
  • EROAD Clarity Dashcam improvements
  • Truck-centric routing ETA tool
  • Advanced cold chain sensors

Keep reading to learn more about these enhancements.

Tax and Compliance

Streamline Fuel Reporting with New Fuel Card Integrations

We’re excited to partner with Comdata, Fuel Cloud, and Wex fuel cards with new integrations into our MyEROAD fleet management platform. With these integrations, fuel usage data across your fleet is automatically uploaded into the Fuel Transaction Management report, eliminating any manual work to upload fuel transaction data. Integrating fuel data from multiple fuel card vendors in one platform makes it even easier to file fuel tax reports and analyze fuel usage for your fleet, saving time and reducing administrative costs.

For more information, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Driver Safety

Review 15 Minutes of Footage in Just 2 with Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse camera technology helps expedite incident investigation by allowing you to view longer video recordings (up to 15 minutes) in a fraction of the time.

  • Pull Video Footage for Longer Incidents – Easily access footage for incidents that are longer than one minute.
  • Facilitate Quicker Investigations – Save time when investigating non-triggered events by eliminating the need to manually pull multiple 20- and 60-second clips.
  • Provide Video Evidence for Operational Delays – Provide video proof that a vehicle is in traffic, or vehicles are held up on site, increasing detention time.

To use this feature in MyEROAD, simply select the “Request Video” button in the upper right-hand corner of the MyEROAD Replay screen. From the “Duration and Quality” dropdown, you can access hyperlapse clips based on the length of time (5, 10 or 15 minutes). Hyperlapse is available to Clarity Solo and Clarity Connected users.

Easily Identify High-Risk Driving Behaviors

We’ve added several enhancements to our Clarity Dashcams to reduce manual work and further boost drivers safety by providing greater visibility into coaching opportunities and helping you easily identify high-risk driving behaviors.

Please note, some of these features require an administrator to activate them.

Operational Transformation

Improve Journey Planning with New Truck-Centric Routing

We’ve updated the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) feature in MyEROAD for heavy vehicles to help you more accurately plan routes. This refreshed tool allows you to filter by important factors, including truck weight, height, width, and hazardous materials being hauled. We also added the ability to select routes that avoid things like tolls, tunnels, difficult turns, and more. Several additional enhancements have been made to the experience to make it easier to access and use.

Boost Reefer Efficiency by Remotely Detecting Trailer Door Status

Gain even more control over your cold chain with advanced wireless door sensors that pair with CoreHub Xtreme, our next-generation IoT gateway for cold chain operations. These wireless door sensors are faster to install, easier to maintain, and more affordable than traditional wired sensors. Make smarter operational decisions, enhance security, and boost visibility across your fleet – all within a single platform.

Partners and Integrations

Enhance your EROAD Experience with Our Integration and Partner Network

We’re proud of our partnerships with technology and service providers in the transportation, cold chain and construction industries. These partnerships provide powerful technology integrations and access to specialized solutions to transform your fleet management ecosystem and enhance your EROAD experience.

Click here to learn about our integration partners. Learn more about our partner services network here.

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