Detention is painful and costly to the trucking industry.

While it can take some time to load a trailer, the length of time that a driver is kept waiting beyond reasonable loading times can vary between frustrating and infuriating.

Based on recommendations from two separate reports, FMCSA is seeking data, insights and comments that sheds light on the loading and unloading delays experienced by drivers.


The FMCSA seeks information on the following questions: Are data currently available that can accurately record loading, unloading, and delay times?

1. Is there technology available that could record and delineate prompt loading and unloading times versus the extended delays sometimes experienced by drivers?

2. How can delay times be captured and recorded in a systematic, comparable manner?

3. Could systematic collection and publication of loading, unloading, and delay times be useful in driver or carrier business decisions and help to reduce loading, unloading, and delay times?

4. What should FMCSA use as an estimate of reasonable loading/unloading time? Please provide a basis for your response.

5. How do contract arrangements between carriers and shippers address acceptable wait times? Do these arrangements include penalties for delays attributable to a carrier or shipper?

6. What actions by FMCSA, within its current statutory authority, would help to reduce loading, unloading, and delay times?


You can help inform the FMCSA on the impacts of detention on your business. For details of FMCSA’s request, and link to submit a formal comment, see the public register.


Do you already have insights from using EROAD?

EROAD can help you to pull insights from your data to provide adequate backing for your responses.


Using Geofences to calculate detention time

Geofences enable you to report on vehicle activity in geographic areas that are of interest for your business. These can be incredibly helpful in calculating the time that your drivers spend on customer lots, shippers, railyards, ports, etc.

After implementing Geofences, you can gain quick access to the time that your drivers spend at each loading dock. This can spark productive discussions with your customers and be the basis of your comments to FMCSA.


Adding log annotations

An additional way to use your ELD data is to have your drivers annotate their logs. This can be used effectively in conjunction with geofences.

When your drivers begin having their trailer loaded or unloaded, have them annotate their log. When the process is complete, ask them to make another annotation.

When your geofence report shows a long detention time, spend a few minutes to investigate your driver logs and you will easily be able to determine how long your driver was waiting, and how long loading or unloading took.


Need to know more?

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Call attention to your detention woes, provide comments to FMCSA

Jun 18, 2019 |

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