ELD solution simplifies HOS reporting and DVIRs

Take the headaches out of FMCSA compliance so you can focus on your team’s safety.

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How EROAD helps improve fleet safety and compliance

Make it easy for drivers to capture hours of service and stay in compliance
Consistent performance and accuracy give data you can trust in inspections and audits
Durable in-vehicle device avoids Bluetooth headaches and keep drivers connected


Decrease the missing and incorrect log violations your team generates
Practically eliminate form and manner violations
Keep your vehicle maintenance score low with visibility on commonly missed defects
Spend less time on ELD training
Get accurate and consistent data you can count on
Keep your team safe and in compliance with accurate HOS logs

Key safety and compliance features


Accurate, consistent and easy to use, EROAD’s ELD function is 3rd-party certified to meet all FMCSA requirements.


Stay on top of defects with a fully compliant DVIR function integrated with drivers’ daily log capture.

Fleet Safety Scoring

Monitor fleet-wide driving behavior, analyze your team of drivers, look for trends and pinpoint hot spots for safety events.

EROAD’s ELD is designed with the driver in mind


Take the hassles out of HOS compliance with an ELD solution that gives you superior ease of use, accuracy and consistency.

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“With EROAD, we haven’t had a driver with even a single HOS violation. It’s a great deal simpler to use than any of the 30 other ELDs we tested. It takes most drivers 15 minutes to learn to operate it and we can even train older drivers not as comfortable with technology in less than an hour.”


John Madison
Director of Safety & Regulatory Compliance
Project Manager, JAS Trucking

Do you have drivers operating short haul?


Maximize productivity and peace of mind with EROAD’s Smart Short Haul.

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CASE STUDY: Silvarole Trucking
Silvarole Trucking sought an ELD that would enable easy use of the short haul exemption when needed. The company also wanted an in-cab ELD that could easily be transferred between vehicles.

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Is self-certification enough?

EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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