EROAD Electronic IRP

EROAD Electronic IRP screen on laptop

Confident recordkeeping with increased accuracy

At EROAD we’ve streamlined the IRP recordkeeping and application process for carriers – eliminating the need to chase down driver records, sift through paperwork, and manually enter and reconcile data. With EROAD’s in-vehicle device, you’ll be confident your entire fleet’s data is accurately captured and securely transmitted to our secure web-based application, Depot, and is ready to access at any time. You’ll easily recreate every mile of every driver’s journey all on one platform for accurate, reliable, and auditable distance recordkeeping for IRP.

EROAD Electronic IRP automatically generates the required trip information including distance, location, and state line crossing information to support distance record requirements for IRP.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time
  • Feel confident
  • Stay compliant
  • Standalone solution
  • Harness your data