EROAD ELD Solution Expertise: Susan Reszczynski

Susan Reszczynski

Safety & Compliance Manager

As a lead training specialist, principal subject matter expert in the FMCSA DOT regulations and certified driver trainer, Susan plays EROAD’s connecting role between enforcement, carriers, drivers, and transportation safety professionals. Using this extensive network and her ten plus years of experience in the regulatory, training and content development space, Susan is able to successfully assess training trends, needs and requirements from a myriad of perspectives.

Susan has previously worked as a Safety Compliance Specialist for the Oregon Trucking Associations where she performed safety audits, conducted numerous driver safety meetings, developed training materials and led courses on OSHA, FMCSA and HazMat regulations. She also worked as a Regulatory Environmental Compliance Specialist for the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Susan represents EROAD and contributes to the industry as a member of the following committees:

  • CVSA Training, Driver Traffic Enforcement and Vehicle Committees


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