Did you know that during CVSA’s annual 72-hour blitz, that 17 trucks are inspected every minute? It’s the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world. So, are you ready?


This year’s CVSA International Roadcheck will take place throughout North America from June 4-6, 2019. Carriers, drivers and vehicles need to be ready for inspection. The special area of focus for 2019 is steering and suspension. Take a look at CVSA’s expert tips on making sure yours are up to snuff:

How to Identify Issues with Steering and Suspension

  • If you begin to feel more bumps and shakes as you drive, there may be an issue with your suspension.
  • Take note if your vehicle pulls to the side or makes knocking or squealing sounds during turns.
  • Pay attention to swaying and bouncing at low speeds. Your vehicle should have no difficulty withstanding bumps in the road at low speeds. If you go over a bump and feel your vehicle sway back and forth or bounce after passing the bump, the suspension may be struggling to support the weight of the vehicle.
  • Your suspension should be able to support the weight of your vehicle and keep it fairly level during most situations. With the vehicle parked, walk around it and visually assess how level it seems to be sitting. If one side of the vehicle rests higher than the other, worn out or broken suspension components may be to blame.


While suspension and steering are the key emphasis for this year’s CVSA International Roadcheck, your drivers will still need to be prepared for a full 37-step, North American Standard Level 1 Inspection, which includes inspection of the driver’s record of duty status, and hours of service. Download our handy checklist on how drivers can ace roadside inspections with their ELD.

Want more? See our post on 10 tips for easier roadside inspections here.

Are you ready for CVSAs 2019 International Roadcheck?

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