Travis Ross, solutions manager for cold chain and reefer

Food waste is a big problem in the United States, with up to 40% of food produced ultimately left to rot in landfills. While much of that waste is linked to retail and consumer practices, a significant amount of food loss occurs during transport (about 13% globally).  

“When temperature-control issues during cold chain transport result in food waste, motor carriers suffer from lost revenue, damaged reputations and the risk of going out of business altogether,” Travis Ross, EROAD’s solutions manager for cold chain and reefer, writes in Food Logistics. 

Ross highlights cold chain technology solutions that can help carriers minimize lost loads and run overall safer, more sustainable and more profitable operations, including: 


“Adopting advanced reefer monitoring and control tools empowers carriers to transform their cold chain operations,” Ross writes. “In addition to reducing financial losses from rejected loads, these technologies can go a long way toward curbing transportation-related food waste.” 


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Curbing Food Waste (and Lost Revenue) with Real-Time Monitoring

by | May 23, 2024 |

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