Integration with FourKites provides highly accurate truck and load location updates

Portland, Oregon – September 6, 2017 – EROAD, a global technology provider of fleet management, electronic tax reporting and ELD compliance solutions for the transportation industry, today announced a new integration with FourKites enabling highly accurate, real-time truck and load location visibility and status updates.

“Real-time load tracking is an integral part of having end-to-end supply chain visibility,” said Scott McCollister, senior product manager at EROAD. “Our customers who are concerned about meeting shipper expectations and requirements for location transparency, tight delivery windows and an immediate response to issues, can now use this integration with the FourKites supply chain visibility solution to access high quality information. With the combined capabilities of EROAD and FourKites, they gain visibility into their supply chains, lower operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen customer relationships.”

Using GPS data from EROAD, FourKites retrieves the real-time location of trucks every 15 minutes and applies predictive analytics to provide the most accurate ETA, delay alerts, and pickup and delivery confirmations.

“Typically, shippers employ entire teams of people devoted to calling dispatchers at trucking companies or checking carrier websites to find the location and ETA of their loads,” Craig Fiander, SVP, global business development said. “With EROAD’s real-time location tracking feed into FourKites, carriers can give shippers and third party logistics providers precise locations and accurate arrival times. This allows shipping and receiving locations to plan in advance for arrivals, streamline loading and unloading, reduce wait times, and get trucks back on the road efficiently.”

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EROAD Enables Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

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