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Need a new ELD supplier?

If your ELD life has been full of spotty connections and bad customer service, it might be time for a change. Use this flow chart to determine if it’s time for you to get a new ELD supplier.
AOBRD to ELD Transition Guide, the key considerations and critical questions you need to know

7 Steps to Choosing the Right ELD Provider

Our handy guide outlines a simple 7-step process and questions you should be asking your ELD provider to determine if they’re the best fit for your fleet.

The deadline is here

FMCSA has made it clear they won’t be extending the December 2019 deadline for transitioning from AOBRD to ELD. Make sure you’re compliant now.

February 16, 2016“Effective date” ELD providers with compliant product can register on the FMCSA registryPhase 1Awareness and transition – Carriers and drivers can voluntarily adopt ELDs. Should research and evaluate ELD options, and prepare to transition to ELDs.
December 18, 2017“Compliance date” ELD becomes mandatory for qualifying carriers and driversPhase 2Phased-in compliance – Unless carriers and drivers are using AOBRs, must adopt ELDs.
December 16, 2019“Full compliance date” End of AOBR Grandfathering All carriers and drivers must abandon AOBRs and use ELDsPhase 3Full compliance – All carriers and drivers must adopt ELDs. 
Infographic of the 6 questions to ask before starting your AOBRD to ELD transition

5 ELD Issues & How to Avoid Them

From dropped Bluetooth connections to frustrating failures at roadside inspections to poor technical support, we’ve summarized the 5 most common ELD problems, what causes them, and what to do to avoid them.

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