Trucker Tools


About Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools provides trip planning, shipment and capacity visibility and predictive freight matching solutions for the transportation industry. The Smart Capacity platform gives brokers accurate, real-time data and powerful algorithms to optimally match freight with trucks, predicting when and where capacity will become available.  The company’s smart-phone app, downloaded by over 1.2 million drivers, provides automated shipment tracking and has 17+ of the most sought-after business management features desired by drivers on the road.


Features of the EROAD Integration with Trucker Tools

  • Tractor GPS position reports retrieved in near real-time are visible in Trucker Tools interface for its broker customers
  • Data shared from EROAD to Trucker Tools: GPS location, Truck ID Number


Benefits to Carriers using EROAD and Trucker Tools

  • Lets carriers share data with their brokers on real time load status and location
  • Helps carriers achieve “carrier of choice” status with brokers