About LoadMaster

LoadMaster offers a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system and a complete accounting software solution designed for the transportation business, all in one package from one company.


EROAD Integration with McLeod Software LoadMaster

McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Symphony Mobile Communications integrates with the EROAD application for use with wireless communications and GPS positioning tools. LoadMaster retrieves in near real-time the Hours of Service (HOS) and tractor GPS position updates throughout the day for better visibility in dispatch planning and in-progress load management.


Benefits to fleets using EROAD and LoadMaster

  • Provides centralized visibility of drivers current HOS and location data to give load planners the information they need to assign the best drivers for available load
  • Improves driver utilization and productivity
  • Increases visibility of out-of-route or late tractors with LoadMaster’s use of EROAD reported tractor positions
  • Helps driver managers to resolve HOS rule noncompliance issues
  • Visibility of actual route GPS history
  • Reduces time spent on setup of new drivers


Features of the EROAD integration with LoadMaster

  • Visibility to drivers’ latest reported HOS updates from the EROAD ELD within Order Planning and Driver Management, including available drive and on-duty hours, as well as time logged per status category for both current day and cycle
  • Tractor GPS position reports retrieved in near real-time are visible in LoadMaster Dispatch screens, including Order Planning and Driver Manager, as well as from Maps displaying position reports
  • LoadMaster new driver record creation automatically sends driver data to EROAD for automated creation of an EROAD Driver record


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