Case Study

Gene Whitaker Inc uses EROAD to reduce unsafe driving and fuel costs, and has the potential for lower insurance premiums.


To foster a culture that leads to improvement in the fleet’s safety—

Gene Whitaker Inc required a means of ranking drivers based on driving behavior analytics and rewarding them for reducing the number of unsafe events. The program, which would also point to areas where drivers need additional training, could also lower fuel costs and potentially impact insurance rates.


In August 2017, Gene Whitaker Inc began using the EROAD ELD and the company’s fleet tracking capability in conjunction with the EROAD Leaderboard to monitor instances of speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration among drivers of its 45 trucks. Based on the frequency of events, Gene Whitaker Inc is able to use the Leaderboard’s driver ranking analytics to identify its top performers. Drivers who earn a 5-Star rating are automatically entered to win a gift card in a monthly drawing.

The EROAD Leaderboard enables fleets to measure driver performance within their operations and against industry benchmarks based on key metrics. The insights provided by the Leaderboard can support driver training and reward programs that help improve retention, and can enable carriers to improve safety scores and compliance, and reduce risk.


Reductions in unsafe events, a drop in fuel costs and the potential for lower insurance premiums—

By using the EROAD Leaderboard to monitor key safe driving behavior metrics, identify top drivers and reward them for performance, Gene Whitaker Inc has seen its drivers improve their driving habits. The result has been a reduction in the number of unsafe events from about 65 per 100 miles to a low of 13 events per 100 miles.

By driving safely, including eliminating instances of speeding and rapid acceleration, the Gene Whitaker Inc fleet has seen a drop in fuel use and costs.

The insurance carrier for Gene Whitaker Inc has been monitoring the fleet’s safety improvement on the EROAD Leaderboard and is assessing whether to discount premiums.

“With the EROAD Leaderboard we can encourage healthy competition so our drivers are not only always striving to earn a 5-Star rating and win a gift card, they are also doing everything they can to be safe on the road. We’ve also found that by promoting safe driving, including keeping road speed at the limit, the Leaderboard is leading to lower fuel costs for our fleet.”
Larry Needham
Safety Manager
Gene Whitaker Inc

“By using the EROAD Leaderboard to monitor key driving behaviors, identify top drivers and reward them for performance, we’ve seen a drop in the number of unsafe driving events from about 65 to a low of 13 per 100 miles. The EROAD Leaderboard is our most productive safety tool because it helps us create a safer work environment and an incentive for drivers to operate more safely.”

Larry Needham
Safety Manager
Gene Whitaker Inc

About Gene Whitaker Inc

Gene Whitaker Inc, based in Wilbur, Oregon, operates a fleet of 45 log trucks across Oregon, southern Washington and northern California. Founded in 1949, the company hauls logs from forest job sites to mills for processing.

Gene Whitaker Inc