Case Study

Crestline Construction uses EROAD to reduce fuel taxes and the time spent on tax reporting, plus cuts payment for windshield replacements.

Taking the guesswork out of record keeping

Crestline Construction is a civil contractor and as a course of our work, trucking is a necessary evil. EROAD has completely automated, in a very simple fashion, our trucking operations.

I remember talking with management a few years ago about the fact that we were paying taxes on 100% of the miles driven, while that mileage within the boundaries of a construction site were tax-free.

Unfortunately, we did not have the ability to properly track and document on-site miles. EROAD’s geofence feature has enabled us to create tax-free zones around our construction sites, shop, recycle yards, rock pits, and virtually every off-road site our trucks travel. And let’s not forget the tracking of tax-free permit miles and taxes paid at commercial fueling stations.

All of these items we would pay double taxes on due to lack of tracking and an inability to satisfy the record-keeping requirements of auditors. EROAD effectively eliminated this problem and those savings have far exceeded the initial cost of installation. We now do not let a truck on the road without an Ehubo unit in it.

In addition, an unexpected saving has been in the cost of windshield repair bills. Since we now know exactly where our trucks are at all times and what they are carrying, we have been able to squash more than one false claim for windshield repair work.

Now let’s talk about EROAD’s tax reporting features. Select the report, select the month, print, done. Less than 10 minutes, tops. I used to spend countless hours trying to manually create the IFTA and Weight Mileage Reports from manually kept logs that were faded, hard to read, and incomplete. In the end, the reports were really just guesstimates of what I could decipher from these manually kept mileage logs. Under audit, the manual records were questioned, determined to be in-efficient, and we were fined for inappropriate record keeping. EROAD, once again, eliminated this issue and cost.

I really cannot brag enough about the EROAD product. When you compound the actual dollars saved from eliminating double taxes and fines with the reduction of time I personally spent preparing inefficient reports, EROAD has saved Crestline more time and money than I can even calculate.

EROAD has made such a major change in the way we are able to monitor and manage our trucking operations, I believe it has offered us a competitive advantage over others in our industry. In fact, would it be too bold to ask that your salesmen not solicit competitors in our region? Sure would help us continue to provide the lowest cost option to our customers.

“EROAD has saved Crestline more time and money than I can even calculate.”

Cindy Headley
Crestline Construction Co.

Crestline Construction,
The Dalles, OR