Case Study

JAS Trucking uses EROAD to eliminate Hours-of-Service violations, improve productivity and reduce costs.


To adopt a simple to use in-cab ELD that would help drivers easily track Hours-of-Service and provide a means of improving operations.

JAS Trucking required an Electronic Logging Device its 130 company drivers and owner-operators could use simply. The company sought an ELD solution that would improve HOS compliance, and provide information it could use to account for detention time, for fuel tax reporting, and to improve customer service.

Drivers at JAS Trucking are also assigned tablet computers that are used for dispatching and load management operations. For its ELD needs, the company determined that a separate in-cab solution was preferable to one that was enabled on the same device as its trucking software.


In advance of the Electronic Logging Device mandate, JAS Trucking evaluated as many as 30 ELDs and found most to be non-compliant, too complicated for drivers to use, or not offered as a mounted in-cab solution.

To meets its needs, the company chose the EROAD ELD. Implementation and installation of the EROAD ELD at JAS Trucking began with 15 units followed by a steady roll out leading up to the ELD mandate compliance date. Company drivers and owner-operators were trained to use the devices in as little as 15 minutes and in most cases in less than one hour.

Today, all drivers at JAS Trucking are using the in-cab mounted EROAD ELD for logging and to track their Hours-of-Service compliance. Administrative personnel at the company have access to location and status information from the devices via a web portal, which is used to improve load planning and provide customers with more accurate arrival times. The system also provides data for generating fuel tax reports, and accounts for detention time at pick up and delivery locations.

Introduced nearly one year ahead of the FMCSA Electronic Logging Device mandate, the EROAD ELD is an FMCSA registered, third party verified in-cab solution that features a driver friendly, simple display and transfer capabilities for facilitating roadside enforcement and reducing administrative time and paperwork. The EROAD ELD also provides fleet managers with the ability to review and edit logs that drivers can accept on the in-vehicle display and can provide additional compliance and operational solutions including fuel tax management, GPS tracking and driver performance monitoring.


Eliminating Hours-of-Service violations and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of operations.

With the EROAD ELD, JAS Trucking is providing its company drivers and owner-operators with a simple to use solution for Hours-of-Service compliance, resulting in the elimination of HOS violations. Prior to implementing EROAD ELDs the company experienced an average of five violations per year, mainly related to logging and time zone issues. The ELDs also avoid violations due to misunderstood personal conveyance, 16-hour and sleeper berth rules.

JAS Trucking is using the EROAD ELD to account for and recover costly detention time at shipper locations and to access mileage data needed for fuel tax reports. Additionally, the carrier is able to improve its load planning with location and status information from the ELDs and to improve customer service by providing more accurate delivery arrival times.

“While the ease of use with the EROAD ELD is one of its best features, another difference between EROAD and other ELD suppliers is how quickly they respond when an issue arises. No technology is perfect all the time, but EROAD is great about resolving and fixing problems and supporting our needs.”

“With the EROAD ELD we have not had any driver with even a single Hours-of-Service violation. That’s because it’s a great deal simpler to use than any of the 30 other products we tested initially. It takes most drivers 15 minutes to learn to operate it and we can even train older drivers who are not as familiar with technology in less than an hour. We’re also finding savings with the EROAD ELD because it helps us recover detention costs and plan operations so we’re more productive and efficient.”

John Madison
Director of Safety & Regulatory Compliance 
Project Manager, JAS Trucking

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Based in Alsip, Illinois, JAS Trucking is an intermodal and nationwide truckload operation. Founded in 1994, the company operates 130 trucks and uses a mix company drivers and owner-operators.

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