Case Study

North Santiam Paving uses EROAD to improve scheduling, dispatching, fleet utilization and fleet maintenance.


North Santiam Paving provides professional construction services throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley and Western Forest regions. Since 1974 this family-run business has been built on long-term client relationships and the highest level of craftsmanship.

The ever-evolving technology landscape has afforded North Santiam Paving the opportunity to continue its reputation of delivering the quality its customers have come to expect. As its business expanded, with teams working across multiple, geographically diverse sites, North Santiam Paving wanted a better way to manage the safety and servicing of its vehicles. It also wanted to record and manage its tax obligations, reduce paperwork requirements for its drivers, and improve vehicle efficiency.


To move from paper-based to electronic weight-mile tax reporting, North Santiam Paving installed EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware device, the Ehubo, in 26 of its trucks. It quickly discovered additional benefits of the EROAD solution that improved efficiency.


“We hire them to drive.”

Drivers are required to manage a number of tasks outside of their main responsibility of driving trucks. These include prestart vehicle inspections, timecards, logbooks and job sheets, and the collection of information to assist with weight-mile tax filings.

EROAD’s electronic tax management system has removed the need for drivers to complete paperwork, saving time for both drivers and the team processing tax payments and returns at North Santiam Paving. This adds up to significant time savings for the company each month. The Ehubo automatically and accurately measures distance traveled, makes configuration changes easy to manage, and sends data to EROAD’s web application, Depot, to calculate taxes.


“Address the problem before it becomes a problem.”

Daily runs across multiple sites to deliver equipment and material causes significant wear and tear to North Santiam Paving’s 26 trucks. EROAD’s Service Module has helped it keep on top of vehicle maintenance and servicing, ensuring that vehicles are always ready for work.


“Delivering real return on investment.”

North Santiam Paving has trucks operating regularly in quarries and other off-road work sites. The EROAD system automatically identifies and estimates taxable and exempt miles, provides exempt mile reports, and accurately calculates weight-mile taxes. North Santiam Paving now fulfills its complete tax obligation without worry and is confident it is meeting record keeping and audit requirements.

“EROAD has streamlined the entire process of how we manage our trucks on a day-to-day basis. We use it for scheduling, understanding utilization, communicating messages to drivers and reducing paperwork for everyone. It really makes day-to-day operations much easier.”

Dylan J. Bochsler
Treasurer, North Santiam Paving 
Stayton, Oregon

North Santiam Paving

Heavy Civil Construction