New Inspection Bulletin update provides more clarity around ELD data transferred to enforcement to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Dallas and Portland, OR  – Omnitracs, a leader in SaaS-based fleet management and data analytics solutions and a pioneer in transportation technology, and EROAD, a leading global transportation technology services company, today announced the completion of a newly updated Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Inspection Bulletin on U.S. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Omnitracs, in partnership with EROAD, identified a need to revamp the current Inspection Bulletin on U.S. Electronic Logging Devices that was penned in 2017, concurrent with the implementation of the ELD Mandate. Inspection Bulletins are used by law enforcement to ensure consistency during inspections and determining regulatory violations, so this comprehensive update by Omnitracs and EROAD will alleviate common pain points around enforcement actions for both drivers and law enforcement officials.

“Our goal in updating this bulletin is to promote clarification of the regulatory requirements for ELD enforcement,” said Michael Ahart, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Omnitracs. “Enforcement officials and drivers have been confronted with the requirement to employ complex technology to manage a driver’s Records of Duty Status, so we felt it was our duty to come together as an industry and eliminate common points of frustration for everyone involved in the inspection process.”

Omnitracs and EROAD are both major technology providers for the industry, so are privy to firsthand information from customers and law enforcement around the inspection-related challenges with ELDs and Electronic Records of Duty Status (eRODS). As ELDs have become mainstream, new opportunities for improvement have emerged around enforcement. Customers expressed that confusion around ELD data transfers is often a point of frustration for drivers and requires additional time and resources spent submitting DataQs to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to overturn invalid or incorrect violations.

The standardized data files from ELDs are transferred and decoded in the FMCSA’s eRODS system, and the format for how eRODS data is displayed has been difficult for law enforcement to interpret. Data displayed in eRODS sometimes produces issues and presents different results than on the ELD, which appear to be citable offenses. For example, when there are co-drivers or multiple drivers switching vehicles without powering off the vehicle, shipping documents or trailer numbers may not be captured on eRODS due to missing power-cycle events.

When improperly deciphered, the eRODS may display ELD data in a way that leads to invalid violations, longer inspections and stress for drivers and fleet managers. As compliance and ELD experts, Omnitracs and EROAD have the technical knowledge and deep regulatory understanding to eliminate these pain points for law enforcement and drivers. The updated bulletin contains added clarification around the proper approach to interpreting data on eRODS, as well as recommendations for alternative methods for verifying mandatory data elements. The collaboration also provided more transparency around specific errors that may occur, for instance when reviewing odometer jumps, missing vehicle identification numbers, and miles driven, in addition to clarifying ELD exemptions as part of this effort.

“There are cases where – for no fault of the driver, carrier or the inspector – the ELD data transferred to eRODS does not show the complete picture,” said Soona Lee, Director of Regulatory Compliance at EROAD. “In supporting our drivers and customers with inspection DataQs, we’ve been able to identify the most common technical limitations an inspector may find with ELD data transferred to eRODS and provide guidance through this refreshed inspection bulletin.”

Working together as a unified team, Omnitracs and EROAD also sought additional insight from other ELD providers in order to have a more comprehensive perspective that reflects a majority of customers. The document was also shared with the FMCSA for their input before it was adopted by the Driver-Traffic Enforcement Committee during the 2020 CVSA Virtual Fall Conference, held in late September. This convergence of information sharing across the transportation industry was notable, given all parties were instrumental in helping to streamline the inspection process while eliminating frustration points for the industry as a whole.

“This inspection bulletin sets an exciting precedent for the industry, as it’s the result of ELD providers coming together to collaborate across company lines while working in conjunction with CVSA and law enforcement,” said Kerri Wirachowsky, Director of Roadside Inspection Program at Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. “Working in this unified manner has allowed us to eliminate common areas of confusion around ELDs for both drivers and law enforcement, improving driver quality of life and overall efficiency on the road.”

For more information on the U.S. Electronic Logging Devices Update and other Inspection Bulletins, please visit the CVSA website.




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Omnitracs and EROAD Partner to Address Inconsistencies in Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections

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