EROAD earned the 2023 CompassIntel IoT Innovator Award in Trucking Fleet Management for its CoreTempTM  technology.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Oct 12, 2023 Compass Intelligence is proud to announce the 6th Annual IoT Innovator Award recipients. This year has witnessed an opening of business activities and IoT innovations have taken the spotlight to support in automation, advancement, and intelligence across industry. Every fall, Compass Intelligence honors and recognizes the leading IoT innovative companies, organizations, products, platforms, and solutions. Compass Intelligence recognizes 21 companies in distinct IoT categories specific to industry and key applications. In addition, this year Compass Intelligence recognizes and honors 3 additional companies for unique innovation and excellence in IoT solutions, products, and services.   

EROAD earned the 2023 CompassIntel IoT Innovator Award in Trucking Fleet Management for its CoreTempTM  technology. CoreTemp eliminates the need for manual temperature probing during transportation of refrigerated goods. Manual probing is time consuming, susceptible to human error and is a risk for intentional falsification. CoreTemp also provides real-time temperature data to ensure, and easily prove, compliance with stakeholder specifications and food safety regulations while lowering operational costs.  

CoreTemp uses artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms and IoT sensors to accurately predict core product temperatures and deliver actionable insights, including compartment-specific, multi-layered temperature warnings and alerts, real-time route breakdowns and performance scores, resulting in increased efficiency, fewer lost loads and happier customers. 

“The Trucking Fleet Management award is bestowed upon companies demonstrating innovative product technology or  a suite of solutions that support trucking innovation, advancements fleet management processes and improved operations specific to trucking fleets” says Stephanie Atkinson, CEO of Compass Intelligence. “Congratulations to EROAD and the CoreTemp team for innovating in temperature monitoring and probing to support safer and efficient refrigerated goods delivery.” 

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About The CompassIntel IoT Innovator Awards 

The 6th Annual CompassIntel IoT Innovator Awards honors companies and vendors demonstrating innovation in Internet of Things solutions, products, applications, and technology. Compass Intelligence has been recognizing companies for more than 10 years, after initially launching the A-List in M2M Awards back in 2012. The Innovator award categories run across 21 IoT innovation categories.  In addition, Compass Intelligence also recognizes startups, stand-out products, and emerging and established IoT companies annually that have made an impact to the market and demonstrate superior innovation to elevate IoT.  

EROAD Recognized as IoT Innovator in Trucking Fleet Management

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