With expanded capabilities, EROAD is well-positioned to enhance fleet efficiency and provide greater visibility into the supply chain ecosystem. 

SAN DIEGO, CA.  March 9, 2023  EROAD, a global leader in fleet performance management, announced today a partnership with Tranztec Solutions, Inc., a leading supply chain technology company that provides an open platform for connectivity and visibility across the industry. The collaboration will allow EROAD to develop a comprehensive set of integrations with transportation management systems (TMS), unlocking efficiencies by automating freight visibility, communications, and transportation-specific workflows.

Through this partnership, EROAD and Tranztec will offer fleet managers comprehensive visibility to optimize planning, procurement, logistics and lifecycle management, enabling timely delivery of freight and goods. With EROAD’s robust telematics and Tranztec’s capabilities, fleet managers will be empowered to monitor freight activity in real-time, and create, plan and manage the progress of an order throughout the entire supply chain.

“EROAD has always been committed to delivering the most reliable and applicable insights to its customers. TMS integration has been an important product development and we’re excited to partner with Tranztec Solutions to expand our capabilities,” said Akinyemi Koyi (AK), President of North America at EROAD. “Fleet managers will have access to data that will make it easier to manage and optimize their transportation operations, playing a vital role in improving a fleet’s bottom line.” 

With improved dispatching capabilities and an interactive map with load details, the new integrated TMS can capture, present and transmit critical data to customers without manual effort. The partnership will further EROAD’s existing capabilities to facilitate seamless communication with motor carriers and freight brokers, as well as collaborate with shippers to solve common challenges with cargo security, freight integrity, and load detention.

“Tranztec is proud to partner with EROAD to provide seamless integration and visibility services to EROAD’s impressive fleet performance platform,” said Toby Miller, CEO at Tranztec Solutions.  “EROAD’s customer-focused solutions with such a strong emphasis on connectivity, safety, and the optimized supply chain combined with Tranztec’s open transportation platform gives fleets the ability to effortlessly optimize their in-cab insights and services with EROAD’s advanced features and capabilities.”

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At EROAD, we help our customers grow with solutions that provide a deep and broad range of highly contextualized data across the driver, asset, and load performance. Our solutions deliver robust visibility into issues and then help translate this data into actionable insights that customers can use to improve their operations. EROAD’s hardware and connectivity set the standard for accuracy and reliability while helping customers significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of their fleet operations within the transportation, cold chain, construction, and waste & recycling segments. Our efforts remain unchanged in the continued pursuit of achieving safer and more sustainable roads for all. EROAD (ERD) is dual-listed on the ASX and NZX and employs almost 650 staff located across New Zealand, Australia, and North America. To learn more about EROAD, visit www.eroad.com.


About Tranztec

Founded in 2001, Tranztec Solutions is a leading transportation and logistics technology company that provides an open platform for transportation services connectivity and visibility. With over 150 connectors to leading transportation solutions, Tranztec optimizes transportation operations for businesses of all sizes and serves clients throughout the supply chain all across North America, processing hundreds of millions of transactions per day. To learn more, visit www.tranztec.com.


EROAD Expands TMS Integration Capabilities with New Partnership with Tranztec

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