EROAD, provider of compliance, operational and road use and fuel tax management solutions, announces commercial availability of Electronic Logging Solution for trucking industry

Portland, OR/Nashville, TN – February 27, 2017 – EROAD, a global technology provider of compliance, operational and road use and fuel tax management solutions for the transportation industry, today announced at the 2017 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition the commercial availability of its Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

“Our 17 years of experience in trucking technology and management solutions led to the design and development of what will currently be the only FMCSA-registered provider to offer permanent in-cab hardware as part of a comprehensive ELD solution,” said Norm Ellis, president of EROAD. “App-based ELD solutions face a number of issues including poor Bluetooth connectivity, battery dependence, and a lack of a permanent compliant connection to the truck. If a driver misplaces, drops, or forgets his or her smartphone or tablet, they won’t be able to stay in compliance with the ELD mandate. All of these issues are why we built a fixed, in-cab solution.”

EROAD’s ELD features a driver friendly, in-vehicle device with simple display and transfer capabilities for facilitating roadside enforcement and reducing administrative time and paperwork. With minimal training, drivers and fleet managers can monitor Hours of Service records with summaries and reports of on-duty status, rests and resets.

Additionally, the new EROAD ELD provides fleet managers the ability to review and edit logs that drivers can accept on the in-vehicle display. Utilizing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, EROAD’s ELD provides commercial vehicle operators with additional compliance and operational solutions including fuel tax management, GPS tracking and driver performance monitoring.

Launching its in-cab ELD solution continues EROAD’s success at providing world-leading technology to the transportation industry. In 2009, EROAD introduced the world’s first nationwide electronic road user charging (RUC) system in New Zealand and later launched the US’s first electronic Weight Mile Tax (WMT) service in Oregon. In addition, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) selected EROAD as its heavy vehicle technology provider for the California Road Charge Pilot, the US’s largest road charge pilot program, to investigate new technology in road charging options.

“Our engineers have taken all the knowledge EROAD has gained from nearly two decades of providing highly reliable data trusted by trucking companies and government agencies and have built from the ground up an affordable, easy to use compliant ELD that is also fully scalable to accommodate a variety of tax, operational and compliance needs,” stated Ellis. “It has undergone the same rigorous internal and third party testing procedures and protocols as our proven tax and compliance solutions and we are thrilled to now add a quality, best in class ELD solution to our list of offerings.”

EROAD ELD commercially available

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