Portland, Oregon – EROAD, a global provider of fleet management, electronic tax reporting and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance solutions for the transportation industry, today announced its participation in the 2020-2021 multi-state mileage-based user fee (MBUF) truck pilot being conducted by the Eastern Transportation Coalition (the Coalition), formerly known as the I-95 Corridor Coalition.

EROAD was previously selected to participate in the Coalition’s first multi-state MBUF truck pilot, which concluded in March 2019. The recently released findings from this pilot program, available on the Coalition MBUF website, highlight the important role of trucking industry participation in assessing the viability of MBUF as a funding alternative. EROAD supplied the technology solution used by the trucks involved in the pilot to capture miles travelled and its expertise in trucking regulations and on road usage charging to guide the study design.

“We value the experience that EROAD brings to the MBUF conversation both in terms of providing accurate data to explore RUC systems and from their understanding of how the trucking industry works,” said Patricia Hendren, executive director of the Coalition. “EROAD also played a key role in organizing a motor carrier working group, a collection of professionals from trucking firm, manufacturers and trucking industry associations that gave valuable input and helped us highlight the unique challenges that fleets and drivers face.”

“The continued development and upkeep of our highways and roads is critical for the trucking industry and for the US economy,” said Norm Ellis, president of EROAD North America. “We’re happy to play a continuing role in the assessment of future road funding methods and making sure that voices from the trucking industry are heard in that process.”

The Coalition is currently planning for its next pilot, which will begin October 1, 2020 and include 200 trucks. A goal of the next pilot is to capture mileage travelled in all 48 contiguous states. EROAD is excited to continue to be the technology and research partner of the coalition, helping to ensure the trucking industries voice is heard and considered, and its in-cab distance recorder (Ehubo) and SaaS based road tax technology will again be used during the pilot in the trucks involved.

The Coalition and EROAD are seeking participants for its next round of pilots, interested trucking firms can get more information about registering from the Truck Pilot Fact Sheet




About the Coalition

Formerly known as the I-95 Corridor Coalition, the Eastern Transportation Coalition has brought together for over 25 years, transportation agencies, toll authorities, public safety, and related organizations to address pressing challenges. Today the Coalition represents the world’s third largest economy and nearly 40% of the nation’s GDP. The Coalition provides members with the data, people, resources, and tools needed to create solutions and how to get them across the finish line.



EROAD believes every community deserves safer roads that can be sustainably funded. We develop technology solutions that help commercial fleets stay in compliance, improve safety and reduce the risk and operational costs of driving. We create applications that improve visibility into operations, reduce paperwork and help businesses operate efficiently and profitably. And we provide aggregated and anonymized data and analytics to government agencies, universities and others who fund, maintain and develop our road infrastructure. EROAD (ERD) is listed on the NZX, and employs almost 300 staff located across New Zealand, Australia and North America.

EROAD brings technology, expertise and trucking industry input to evaluation of fuel tax alternatives

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