Securely integrating shared vehicles into their own fleet is a big deal for leasing companies and fleet managers who work with subcontractors. To further improve effective sharing and monitoring of shared vehicle activity, you can now see shared vehicles in your Daily Activity Report for the time period they are shared with you.

This helps you to verify fulfilment of service agreements and charge out jobs correctly and applies to both vehicles currently shared with you now and vehicles that have been shared with you in the past.

Please remember: You don’t have to share vehicle activity with your partner organisations; you can still choose to simply share current vehicle location only by selecting the “current location” Share option. To be sure you are comfortable with your current level of sharing, check your sharing connections in Outgoing Vehicle Sharing Details in Settings and Administration / Administration / My Organisation and edit if required.

Not sure if EROAD Share is for you? Find out here. And this is just the start, watch this space for further upgrades and improvements to this powerful feature.

Daily Activity can now be shared

by | Sep 4, 2014 |

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