The Commercial Carrier Journal recently discussed how ELD’s help drivers track their status changes. The article uses EROAD’s ELD as a reference point.

The article has a lot of helpful insights, we liked on section in particular:

“As with paper logs, drivers using electronic logs are in control of all duty status inputs. The exception is the drive line, which functions automatically as specified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s final rule. It’s also the only status the driver will be unable to edit directly through his driver login.

To minimize the need for annotations required with any edit, the long-in-practice habit of “catching up the logbook” by drivers is mostly falling by the wayside. With no pencil to be pushed across paper, as long as the device is operational and open, duty-status changes happen with the simple push of a button in real time.”

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How ELDs and drivers track duty status changes

by | Apr 12, 2018 |

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