Freightwaves just published an article discussing the minor issues facing ELD adoption – Our Director of Regulatory Compliance Soona Lee was quoted discussing the implications of these issues and how EROAD is educating their users. 

We particulary liked this part of the article:

“EROAD Director of Regulatory Compliance for North America Soona Lee said the popular ELD provider encourages its clients to make sure they avoid these small infractions by resting one minute longer than required.

Ultimately, both Lee and Kelley agree that working toward more seamless integration of ELDs is a team effort than involves not just drivers and inspectors, but vendors and regulators as well.

“I’m always glad to be able to work with the industry and vendors,” Kelley said. “Those relationships need to stay in place in order to make this mandate work for everybody.”

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3 ways ELDs are NOT helping with roadside inspections

by | Aug 8, 2018 |

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