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EROAD’s Fleet Trends Webinar Series highlights trucking topics from leading experts in the industry, covering everything from safety, compliance and navigating fleet management in 2021. Tune in bi-monthly to hear the latest industry updates.


DOT Audits in an ELD World

January 28, 2021

ELDs have not only changed hours-of-service compliance for drivers and fleets, they’ve also changed the way the government audits driver and carrier records.

Join EROAD and Scopelitis Transportation Consulting in a new training webinar that covers the ins and outs of FMCSA’s compliance review/audit. Safety and compliance expert Dave Osiecki will explain the audit process and share how FMCSA and State investigators are auditing ELD records so you’re ready for your next compliance review.


You’ll learn about:

  • FMCSA’s eRODS software and how they use it
  • The records and ELD supporting documents that are requested during remote and on-site audits
  • ELD auditing techniques you may not have thought of, or even be aware of

Preventing the Preventable: Using DataQs to Improve your CSA Scores

March 11, 2021

The impact CSA scores have on drivers and carriers in the transportation industry is significant, which means accurate reporting of violation data is imperative and false reports must be corrected immediately. Smart carriers are improving their CSA scores by monitoring their data and contesting erroneous information. Now, with the implementation of FMCSA’s Crash Preventability Determination program, carriers can contest not-preventable crashes, too, resulting in improved Crash Indicator BASIC scores.

Join EROAD and Scopelitis Transportation Consulting in a one-of-a-kind webinar designed to explain in detail how the FMCSA’s Crash Preventability Determination and DataQs programs work and provide best practices to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.


The webinar will include:

  • Details on the new crash preventability program and the new eligible crash types
  • An in-depth explanation of DataQs and how/when they should be used
  • Documentation requirements and why good data matters
  • Best practices for improving the odds of a successful challenge
  • And more …


All About DOT Audits

May 6, 2021  |  11AM PST/2PM EST

FMCSA data for Fiscal Year 2020 shows that the number of compliance audits nationwide exceeded 12,000, and the number of off-site (remote) audits increased by 500%, from 1,013 in 2019 to more than 5,000 in 2020. And much of this increase was planned by FMCSA even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With the cost-efficiency of off-site audits, the ability of technology to facilitate them, and the pandemic-driven change in the way work is done, we can expect the number of FMCSA off-site audits to continue to climb.

Join EROAD and Scopelitis Transportation Consulting (STC) for this unique webinar that will explain, in detail, how FMCSA and its State enforcement partners conduct on-site and off-site compliance audits.


You’ll learn:

  • How the audit process works, and how it differs between on-site and off-site audits
  • The CSA BASICS and compliance areas most likely to be off-site audited
  • Details on the number and type of records investigated during audits
  • How the drivers and the records are selected
  • And much more!

CSA, New & Improved or Same Old, Same Old?

July 15, 2021  |  11AM PDT/2PM EDT

It’s been a long time since the National Academy of Sciences recommended FMCSA fundamentally change CSA’s methodology by implementing Item Response Theory. In the interim, FMCSA has been studying the model and reaching out to interested stakeholders as they chart a path forward. Recently, industry anxiety has begun to pique as the new FMCSA administration reevaluates progress made thus far. This webinar will provide the latest information on CSA program changes, and how they may improve the accuracy of BASIC scores and government oversight and targeted interventions.

Join EROAD and Scopelitis Transportation Consulting (STC) in this educational webinar.


You’ll learn:

  • Violations that have and continue to drive government oversight and interventions
  • Identified CSA problems and challenges, and how they may be addressed
  • The updated timeline for CSA improvements
  • And more …

Using the Safety Management Cycle (SMC) to Manage Compliance and Improve Safety

September 15, 2021  |  11AM PDT/2PM EDT

FMCSA created the Safety Management Cycle to help investigators guide motor carriers in discovering root causes of compliance problems. It’s an iterative process that carriers can use to uncover gaps in their safety programs that may lead to increases in crashes or violations.


Join this webinar to discover:

  • How to apply the SMC to your operation to uncover safety or compliance deficits before FMCSA does
  • Real life examples of problems uncovered using SMC and solutions to solve them
  • How to analyze operational factors like hours of service and unsafe driving to prevent crashes and violations

What to Expect with Trucking Regulations in 2022

December 9, 2021  |  11AM PST/2PM EST

It’s been a year since the 2020 elections changed the face of Washington, DC, making 2021 a year of transition. As the country adapts to a new economy shaped in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking to Washington and asking, what’s next? Join EROAD and Scopelitis Transportation Consulting as they review what the new administration and Congress accomplished in 2021 and what they’ll be setting their sights on for 2022 and beyond.


Join this webinar to discover:

  • The items that are left on the FMCSA and Congressional agenda
  • Latest trends in law enforcement and other agency priorities
  • Insights and predictions for what we can expect to see in 2022

Speaker Bios:

David J. Osiecki, President, Scopelitis Transportation and Consulting

David J. (Dave) Osiecki personally delivers the training and advisory service offerings of STC. He began his 30-year transportation career in 1986 as a motor carrier safety auditor in the field for the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Motor Carriers (OMC), FMCSA’s predecessor agency. There, he spent several years building his trucking and regulatory expertise in program, policy and regulatory development positions in Washington, DC. He left federal service in 1996 and spent the last 20 years at the American Trucking Associations working on behalf of the trucking industry in policy, regulatory and advocacy-related positions. Mr. Osiecki rose to the Executive Vice President & Chief of National Advocacy for ATA, and has represented the industry before State legislatures, federal agencies, the U.S. Congress and in the national media, including appearances on national network new programs. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Osiecki has been a regular speaker and commentator before transportation and trucking groups.

P. Sean Garney, Vice President,Scopelitis Transportation and Consulting

P. Sean Garney began his career in the trucking industry nearly 20 years ago working for a small ice company in Rochester, NY. Since, he’s held various roles including driver, freight broker, industry advocate, government contractor, and now consultant. Prior to joining STC, Garney spent 10 years at the American Trucking Associations where he served as Director of Safety Policy. While there, he represented the trucking industry before Congress, Federal regulators and other stakeholders as an expert on topics ranging from Hours of Service, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), and the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, among others.

Garney has his Masters in Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics from George Mason University. He is an active member of several motor carrier industry associations and serves on several local citizens boards focused on transportation.


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