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The EROAD solution achieves an industry-leading service uptime.
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Uptime October 2016: 100%

EROAD Driver

EROAD Electronic Logbook makes it easy for drivers to record their duty status changes. Automatic visual and audio alerts assist with hours of service rule compliance – no paper logs required!

The road to ELD

The road to ELD

EROAD’s FMCSA-compliant ELD solution is built on the same advanced technology platform as our electronic tax, compliance and commercial services.

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Interstate Wood goes electronic

Interstate Wood Products drivers replace paper logs with EROAD Electronic Logbook.

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We care for your data
Frontier Trading drivers love elogs

EROAD Electronic Logbook makes the transition from paper logs easy.

The EROAD Advantage

The EROAD system – one solution to deliver a powerful set of tools to take control of your tax, compliance and operational performance – will transform your business. The complete package to deliver an outstanding ROI. No other vendor comes close.

Tax Management

EROAD has developed a comprehensive range of tax services to support you to better meet your tax filing and record-keeping obligations.



EROAD compliance services reduce administration costs associated with complex manual and paper-based systems and improve safety outcomes.



EROAD’s intuitive and advanced commercial services offer greater operational transparency and enhanced control.


Where’s EROAD?

Come and find us at these upcoming industry events:

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EROAD Activity

OLCA NW Landscape Expo

December 6-7, 2016

Oregon Convention Center – Hall E – 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Our team will be speaking Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 9:45am-10:45am about “Rules of the Road for Landscape Drivers.” We look forward to seeing you there!

OTA Holiday Open House

December 8, 2016

Oregon Trucking Associations Office – 4005 SE Naef Rd, Portland, OR 97267

We look forward to sharing some holiday cheer with you at the OTA open house!

Less Effort

EROAD’s automated solution for road tax management allows you to monitor and manage tax obligations in real time, automate your record keeping, eliminate costs of manual data entry and road tax administration, and improve compliance. The productivity benefits, reduction in paperwork, and tax savings will deliver significant gains to your business.

Less Paper

The EROAD solution automatically captures and records all required data elements to meet your road tax obligations including distance, location, state crossings and trip segments. An independent verification by the Oregon State government found the EROAD data, reports, and records to be highly accurate and reliable. All records are archived to support you in meeting your audit and legal obligations.

Less Tax

The EROAD system automatically and accurately tracks and records your vehicle’s location and determines taxable, exempt and out-of-state miles. EROAD has developed a proprietary electronic map layer, supplemented by a sophisticated geofence tool, to support accurate and auditable exempt mile calculations. Mileage exempt from tax can now easily be recorded to reduce your road tax obligations and improve your cash flow.

Less Stress

Concerns around accidental non-compliance and audit means that many carriers over-pay their road tax obligations. EROAD’s revolutionary electronic tax management solution provides full visibility around your tax obligations which translates into less stress for drivers and managers.

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