The EROAD Solution

EROAD uses one advanced technology platform to deliver electronic tax compliance, safety compliance and fleet management. This arrangement delivers an outstanding ROI for our customers, who benefit from a wide range of services and from the confidence that their technology provider is able to meet all their business requirements, both now and in the future.

The EROAD system consists of a secure in-vehicle hardware combined with a bank-grade payment gateway and services portal.

Solution Overview



EROAD’s in-vehicle hardware unit, the Ehubo records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network

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Vehicle information received from the Ehubo is processed by EROAD’s application server and made available to users via a secure website, called Depot, from which the information can be viewed, saved and exported or downloaded


Payment Gateway

Secure, bank-grade payment gateway enables EROAD to retrieve and maintain motor carrier records, and support carriers to file and pay their weight-mile tax obligations