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Fleet Management

EROAD provides a complete suite of user-friendly fleet management, compliance and driver safety solutions, including:

  • FMCSA registered and third-party verified ELD
  • Electronic tax reporting
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Fuel and fleet utilization reporting


It’s simple, affordable and smart.


See for yourself

Our secure web-based portal, Depot, puts your data at your fingertips. Watch the video to see for yourself just how easy it is to use EROAD. 


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At EROAD, great technology is just the starting point

EROAD delivers on excellence in data accuracy, connectivity, security and top-notch customer service.


Hardware records each vehicle’s location accurately by recording location, speed and other data every second.


Highly reliable service up-time minimizes costly interruptions to your business.


Your data is securely recorded, confidentially stored, and always remains your property.


The success of EROAD is tied to your success. By providing top-notch customer service, we ensure your success.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our device was named one of the most dependable, durable and accurate systems in the business by multiple independent review sites. 

I will keep this short and simple. EROAD is by far the best ELD/Tax/GPS fleet management system out there. I trialed the top 12 providers over a period of 6 months. Not a single product was nearly as simple, efficient, and reliable as EROADs. Save yourself the headache. Go EROAD.

Adam G.

Director of Safety

Setting the standard for compliance with third-party verification

EROAD was the first provider to offer an independently verified ELD. Why go the extra mile? Because we realize that having our device designed and tested to do what is expected means easier inspections for your drivers, and less downtime and reduced risk of penalties and fines for our customers.

Key fleet management features

Daily Fleet Activity

A complete record of daily vehicle activity helps you monitor your fleet and meet agreed customer service levels

Geofence Site Activity

Create geofenced areas and get details on drivers’ arrival times, stop duration, PTO usage for equipment and more

Fuel Management

Reduce fuel costs through a better understanding of fuel efficiency across your vehicle fleet


Easily share vehicle and fleet information securely with customers and businesses in your supply chain

Idle Report

Improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear and tear by monitoring and reducing unnecessary idle time

Trip Investigator

Examine vehicle history from the previous day or week to ensure service levels, identify wasted miles and optimize routes