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Loaded Truck Star
Redmond Heavy Hauling

I could not imagine trying to accomplish our day to day duties without EROAD. We now have the ability to give real-time updates to our clients, our maintenance needs are tracked, and weight-mile taxes are done at the push of a button. Who’s driving too fast? Who’s idling their truck too long?

All these questions and concerns are easily addressed. Drivers can be sent messages via the Ehubo cab-mounted unit. And believe it or not, sometimes these guys lose their way and need help finding the destination. With EROAD we can give them spot-on directions to get them where they are going.

Just recently we were able to finally go paperless and allow our drivers to stop filling out daily mileage reports. This is a win/win situation. They are happy to do less writing; and we are happy to experience a reduction in payroll hours.

Travis Anderson
Redmond Heavy Hauling

Industry: Cranes and Heavy Haulage
Company: Redmond Heavy Hauling
Location: Portland, OR