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Omega Morgan

I used to spend a lot of my time chasing miles at the end of every month. Since I’ve discovered EROAD it has been a really great way for me to keep track of miles. We have 75 drivers using EROAD so you can imagine how much time I’ve saved.

EROAD helps me achieve goals by providing an accurate tracker for our mileage, reporting, tracking fuel and even keeping track of off-road miles, which we’ve never been able to do until now.

Having EROAD makes my day to day easy. I use EROAD for tax reporting, weight-mileage tax, road use assessment reporting and IFTA. All the time I have saved from not manually tracking miles allows me to focus on other areas of the business. I would absolutely recommend EROAD to a friend or colleague.

Stephanie Rial
DOT Compliance Coordinator
Omega Morgan

Industry: Cranes and Heavy Haulage
Company: Omega Morgan
Location: Hillsboro, OR